Ready To Take Control Of Your Health Without Diets, Medications Or 
Going To The Gym?

Join The Play for Life System, a premium habit-based coaching program for women over 50 who want to take control of their health for life 

Ready to take control of your Health without diets, Medications or 
Going to the Gym?

Join The Play for Life System, a premium habit-based coaching program for women over 50 who want to take control of their health for life

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Ready to live in a body that's full of energy and ready to play every day? Physical activity is one of the best interventions available to us for the prevention of chronic lifestyle disease. Why not embrace ageing actively, keep your bones strong, and maintain independence? 
The good news is that you don't have to join a gym! 
Want to stop weight gain in its tracks?  Learn the power of eating real, whole foods to keep your body fuelled properly.  End dieting forever, move away from food "rules" and say goodbye to belly fat!  Feel the powerful difference small consistent nutritional changes can make to increase your energy forever.  
Discover how to manage stress and sleep better naturally while you get closer to a lifestyle that helps you be the best version of yourself. Our bodies are not designed to go full tilt 24/7 365 days a year. Rest and recovery matter as much as movement. The total picture of health has to do with finding the right balance over the long haul.
Client Testimonials
"The kickstarter I needed"
Play for Life was the perfect way to get into a new routine built from the realistic approach that Janet teaches and supports you through each of the 12 weeks. It was definitely an eye-opener and kickstarter that I needed for the importance of staying active, maintaining functional activities and having a healthy mindset to set me up well as I begin to age! And during the pandemic, the program helped me to be creative to stay active while being confined to a small space without the ability to go outside! - H.M.
"I won't go back to the way I was before"
When I first saw Janet's post that she had a program for busy women wanting to make a lasting change to their health, I knew this was something I needed to do.  The Play for Life System is designed to get you to be more active and form healthy habits.  It's not gym-based, it's not boot camp, there are no weigh-ins.  It's about reframing exercise as fun!  With Janet's help, I have a better understanding and appreciation of the habits I need to succeed  J.D.
  • ▶️  It's fun
  • ▶️  Data and feedback. Understand whats going on in your body with the latest tools of the trade
  • ▶️  It's not a quick fix - this is a lifelong habit-based program that you progress through at your own pace
  • ▶️  You manage stress instead of stress managing you so that you can get more quality sleep
  • ▶️  Personal coaching, and group support with other motivated women trying to accomplish the same goal
  • ▶️  Accountability and daily inspiration
  • ▶️  Results that last
There IS a smarter and more sustainable way of managing your health as you age!
If you have tried special diets or exercise programs to help manage your health, but you find them too restrictive, too time-consuming, or too complicated to keep up, The Play for Life System Coaching program is for YOU!

For many women, changes in midlife can make you feel like your body is wacky. Are you ready to stop suffering from symptoms such as sleepless nights, hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, inflammation and brain fog? 

What's more, chronic lifestyle diseases that come along with ageing can be prevented and controlled with a system that addresses the fundamentals of movement as medicine.

The best part is EVEN IF you have been INACTIVE for years and feel overwhelmed, IT'S NOT TOO LATE!
  • Find time to exercise at the right intensity for YOU so you can feel happier and have fun!
  • Get more sleep and be able to manage stress like a BOSS
  • Eat awesome whole foods that fuel your body naturally, and make you feel great.
  • Imagine how good it feels when you are living the life you imagine as you age and nothing is holding you back
  • ​And much more...

Hi, I'm Janet Omstead!

Our health is our greatest asset.  

As a 20-year veteran in the fitness industry, a Precision Nutrition Level 2 certified coach, personal trainer, author and play expert, I understand that most women struggle with what to do when it comes to ageing and the changes that are happening in their bodies.
I created "The Play for Life System" to give women a proven way to manage their health forever by developing a habit-based sustainable plan to support our changing bodies with practical and simple lifestyle habits. 
This is for you if:

You want ACCOUNTABILITY - people try but often fail changing on their own because left to their own devices, they do very little. You recognize that working with a coach will get you better, faster results.

You want CONSISTENCY - especially if you’ve had a hard time keeping in shape and eating well.

You want SUSTAINABILITY - just imagine how great it will feel when you finally no longer have to struggle with “rules” around exercise, nutrition and managing stress.
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